Support to sports activities

Investment in sport and recreation is directed towards sports in which competitors may achieve significant success and that involve a considerable number of young people. A significant role in the life of the company is played by sports societies with which KONČAR has long cooperated, and which carry the name of the company.

"KONČAR Zagreb 1786" Shooting Club

"KONČAR Zagreb 1786" Shooting Club was established in 1948 as the successor to the First Civic Shooting Society, registered in 1786. Since 1993, the society has proudly borne the name of KONČAR. Since then, club members have won 20% of all medals awarded in Croatian Championships, and 67 medals at World and European championships and Mediterranean and Military Games. Today, "KONČAR Zagreb 1786" is the most decorated shooting club in Croatia.

Končar Canoe Club

Končar Canoe Club was founded in 1951. In 2006, members of this club won the bronze medal in the team ride at the World Championships, and 5 medals in the World Cup. The Club was involved in the organization of the European Junior Championships in Bihać (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and is regularly involved in the work of kayak camps and schools, such as "ŠRC Jarun", "Island Obonjan" and "Donja Dubrava".

Končar Chess Club

Končar Chess Club is the oldest sports club with Končar's name that is still active today. It was founded in 1949, and its members compete in the Croatian 4th chess division and other chess tournaments. Today, the club has around 50 members, of whom 17 are registered players in the Croatian Chess Association, and others are enthusiasts that come to the club and play friendly matches.