Support to specific groups

Certain specific groups, such as retired people, war veterans, and employees who participate in sport, culture and other similar activities, enjoy the permanent support of KONČAR. Numerous events are organized throughout the year to stimulate activities which promote a higher quality of life in leisure time, in conjunction with the interests of employees, their families, retired people, business partners and collaborators.

KONČAR Retired Persons' Club

The Club was established on October 7, 2000, and since then it has attracted around 300 registered members. Its main objective is to entertain and bring together as many retired people as possible in order to set up social and public activities of interest to Club members. At the Club, members have an abundant library, a computer, a TV and various social games at their disposal. All activities of the Club are performed through the work of six boards: for culture, sport and recreation, technical activity, social welfare, information and supervision.

Members of the Retired Persons Club do not forget those who cannot visit the club due to health problems. They visit them regularly to socialize and provide material aid. Some members of the Club are over eighty years old. In their honour, the Club organized a special gathering titled "80+".

War Veterans and Their Families

Every year there is a traditional gathering of KONČAR employees who were drafted in the year 1991 into a unit for the protection of facilities and equipment. In addition to honouring the anniversary of the unit’s formation, a memorial to honour twenty-two employees who were killed in the Croatian War of Independence has been erected. On that occasion, gratitude is expressed and recognition given to all those who joined in the defense of KONČAR and the entire country.