Consolidated income from the sales of goods and services in 2015 amounted to 3,049.1 million HRK. The income from the sales on the domestic market amounted to 1.742,4 million HRK and the income from the sales of exported goods and services amounted to 1.306,6 million HRK.

KONČAR exports into more than 60 countries worldwide, mostly to the market of the European Union. The most significant export was to the following countries:
Germany in the amount of HRK 142.2 million, United Arab Emirates in the amount of HRK 139.9 million, Sweden in the amount of HRK 114.1 million, Norway in the amount of HRK 54.8 million, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the amount of HRK 51.9 million, Netherlands HRK 48.3 million and Iraq HRK 44.4 million. 

It should also be emphasised that the greatest part of export consists of the products of high technical and technological complexity: transformers, generators, substations, low floor trams and thyristor locomotives which distinguishes KONČAR from other domestic producers and influences well on the structure of the total Croatian export.